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We are your time saver
No more supermarket
No cooking
More time for hobbies, family and work
Healthy and high quality food
No preservatives
No flavors enchancers
Balance and right distribution of:
How it works
We recommend a nutrition program written by a professional nutritionist.
We prepare food from fresh and proven products and deliver it every two days.
You reach your goals in 2-3 weeks.
Menu options
You can choose from our defaults or create your personal meal plan with our spacialist
This kind of menu will suite you if you don't have any allergies or special requests for products.

We use:
· dairy products
· beef
· chicken
· fish
· seafood
· gluten
· eggs
· nuts
Chicken / Fish
This kind of menu will suite you if you don't eat meat.

We use:
· dairy products
· chicken
· fish
· seafood
· gluten
· eggs
· nuts
This kind of menu will suite you if you are vegan or fasting or just want to make some detox.

We do NOT use:
· dairy products
· meat
· fish
· seafood
· eggs
What about kids?
You no longer have to think what to put your child in a snack for school and what to feed him before the extra classes.

In the menu uses high-quality products, a variety of cutting forms, so that the children would be tasty and interesting to eat our food.

Kids menu contains only 2 meals - Snack and Lunch
1 week - 42€
2 weeks - 82€
3 weeks - 121€
4 weeks - 158€
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Start your new healthy life right now
Meal plans
All our meal plans are created by nutrition specialist.
1500 cal
For comfortable weight loss without health damage.

If you would like to lose weight and totally tiered from diets and restrictions.

5 meals per day
1800 cal
To maintain your current weight or comfortable weight loss for more tall persons.

If you would like to stay fit and have a good training progress.

5 meals per day
2000 cal
To maintain your current weight or comfortable weight gain for regular training person.

If you exercise regularly, but the result do not please you properly.

5 meals per day
2500 cal
To maintain your current weight or comfortable weight gain for regular training person.

If you exercise regularly, but the result do not please you properly.

6 meals per day
If you don't know how to choose right meal plan,
fill the form we will help you.

Omelet with spinach, tomatoes and herbs
2 breakfast
Village salad with crispy bread
Udon noodles with chicken thigh fillet, vegetables in oyster sauce
Blueberry Cheesecakes
Fish Cutlets on bulgur pillow & salad with apple and celery
We will feed you 5 or 6 days per week
Saturday is optional, Sunday excluded
Choose menu
Choose calories
Choose period
Total price
Your name
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We deliver 3 times per week from 7 to 11 am
Now we deliver only in Limassol and Pirgos

MONDAYS meals for Monday and Tuesday

WEDNESDAYS meals for Wednesday and Thursday

FRIDAYS meals for Friday and Saturday

By agreement with you, we select a 30 minute interval for delivery.
This schedule is made specifically for your convenience.

We understand that delivery still takes some part of your morning, it needs to be planned and entered into your schedule. That would not distract you every day, we bring your meal plans immediately for 2 days.

Our clients love us
Gala Felotova
Masha, thank you so much for making my life better, better and tastier. I always look forward to handbags with food, where everything is deliciously cooked and laid out for convenient absorption🤤 Particularly pleased when you get some new uniform that happens all the time, and this is a very important and pleasant fact for giving back to Milts food. Special thanks for saving my time, I'm happy to ignore supermarkets for the last 6 months, because I'm in good hands and under close supervision. 😘🤗
Ekaterina Pashukevich
When I moved to Cyprus, I really missed such a service with healthy food, and it is always convenient when I don't need to count kcal. When the children's menu appeared, it was a complete delight.
I love the menu cheesecakes and dishes with fish, quinoa. Very convenient to take with you. Delicious variety of food.
Aleksei Alekseev
I advise everyone to try MILTS FOOD
Excellent food quality and organized delivery
No need to spend time cooking, just enjoy a delicious meal.
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