Start healthy lifestyle immediately
Minus 5kg in one week
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Who needs detox?
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Feeling exhausted even after a minimum 15-minute work-out
Lackluster skin tone
Digestion problems: constant gas formation, rumbling, delayed bowel cleansing, heaviness after eating
Use to drink stimulation drinks (coffee, strong green tea, sweets and alcohol to relieve stress)
Skin rash
Constant fatigue
How it works?
The detox program is aimed at alkalizing the body, reducing oxidative stress, awakening its own cleansing processes and reducing the load on the pancreas and gallbladder.
We drink. We eat. We use household chemicals and even wear clothes, not suspecting how many toxic substances get into our body.
Toxins are poisons that are harmful to the body, which surround us everywhere.
Result after Detox Program:
Order from 200€
Order from 140€
Losing weight and allergies
Improving complexion and skin
Solving almost all digestive problems
Strong immunity
Excellent mood and energy boost
Cancer prevention
Prevention of aging
Reducing oxidative stress on the body
An important stage of the program to consolidate the result. We are doing everything to avoid a "breakdown" after the exit.
Comfortable exit from the detox program!
At the same time, they contain warm and fairly satisfying meals for a detox program. We tried to squeeze the maximum benefits with comfortable restrictions for you.
The most strict and basic days of detox!
no sharp restrictions
gradual preparation for liquid meals
Smooth enter for the detox program and prepare the body!
The course is designed for 6 days.
The detox program has contraindications. If you have a chronic illness or illness in the exacerbation phase, if you have doubts and are unsure whether the program is suitable for you or if you suffer from intolerance to certain products, please consult your doctor.
It is recommended to undergo detox with a little preparation:
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During the day, drink more plain water (1.5-2 liters of water per day)
For the duration of the detox program, exclude alcohol, coffee, energy drinks and teas (except herbal teas)
A couple of days before the start of the program, it is advisable to exclude dairy products, coffee, bakery products
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Day 1 and 2
Day 5 and 6
Day 3 and 4
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